Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College Hosts Lectures for Chinese Cultural Expert Forum


Time:2012-03-16 14:36:54

中新网3月16日电 据国家汉办网站消息,近日,美国迈阿密达德学院孔子学院邀请颇有传奇色彩的“绿驼铃”创始人赵中先生(2009年入选美国《时代》杂志“环保英雄”)在沃尔夫森校区、坎德尔校区和北校区举办了 “中国西部环保知识”系列讲座。这是该孔子学院成立以来首次举办中国环保知识系列讲座。美方院长余学钧博士、中方院长张蓊荟博士,对中国环保感兴趣的美方各界人士以及三个校区建筑系、外语系、心理学系等三百多师生聆听了此系列讲座。

Recently, the Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College invited Mr. Zhao Zhong, founder of the environmental organization Green Camel Bell, to present a series of lectures entitled “China’s Big West and Its Environmental Crises” at the Wolfson, Kendll and North campuses. Mr. Zhao was selected as one of Time Magazine’s 2009 “Heroes of the Environment”. This lecture marks the first time that a session dealing with Chinese environmental problems since the establishment of the Confucius Institute has been presented. Its American Director Dr. Yu Xuejun, and Chinese Director Dr. Zhang Wenghui, as well as more than 300 teachers and students from the three campuses and local people who are interested in China’s environmental protection attended the lecture.


A full house for the lecture


Mr. Zhao began his lecture with a group of beautiful pictures displaying the scenery of the western China, such as snowy mountains, forests, pastures, depressions, desert, the Gobi desert and glaciers. He talked about his own experiences and gave a vivid introduction to a series of effective measures developed by the Chinese government to improve the environment in the western China, as well as Chinese environmentalists’ efforts and contributions to improving local environmental conditions. 最后,赵中先生用激动而昂扬的语调告诉大家,中国的环保取得了一系列的成就,但还任重道远,希望有更多的人士现身中国的环保事业。 Finally, Mr. Zhao spoke passionately when he told the audience members that although China has made great achievements in environmental protection in recent years, there is still a long way to go. He expressed his hope that more and more people would devote to the cause of environmental protection in China. 本讲座为迈阿密达德学院孔子学院中国文化名家讲坛的第三讲,对扩大中国的影响、提高孔子学院的知名度和影响力,起到了十分重要的作用。 As the third session of the Chinese Cultural Expert Forum, the lecture will help expand China’s influence, and improve the Confucius Institute’s popularity in the local area.