• China shoots Tibetan dialogue film

    Shooting started on the Tibetan dialogue film "The Sky of Tibet" this month in Lhasa, capital of Tibetan autonomous region, announced the producer Shanghai Film Group Corporation.

  • Kashgar's Lively Livestock Market Ⅰ

    Kashgar in northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is located in Central Eurasia. When most tourists come to the ancient city, they can't miss one thing. That's the Kashgar livestock market, one of the biggest such markets in Central Asia.

  • Ming-style Xianying Palace in Changle

    The Ming-style Xianying Palace in Changle has a long history. It is replete with mystery and wonder. The underground palace looks elegant and majestic. Many relics unearthed here have great archeological values.


  • Kunqu Opera

    This volume of E-magazine introduces the oldest form of Chinese opera, Kunqu opera for you...details>>